Knitter's Survival Kit

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Knitter's Survival Kit


We created this handy little toolkit for our own knitting bags and now we're sharing it with you!

All your most necessary knitting notions in one handy tin (bonus: it's adorable). Small enough to fit in any project bag (or even your pocket), but substantial enough that it doesn't dissapear in the bottom of your bag.

Scissors - for cutting yarn, embroidery thread, that rough edge on your nail that keeps snagging your yarn
Mini crochet hook - for dropped stitch emergencies
Tapestry Needle - because you put all your other ones in a "special" place and now they're gone forever
Bulb Pins - to use as removable stitch markers, progress markers or to hold dropped stitches. We've included 9 gunmetal and 1 gold so you can distinguish beginning of the round.

Other useful stuff:
Inside label reminds you how to Kitchener Stitch so you don't have to look it up online for the millionth time.
Also each inner label is exactly 2"x1" so you can guestimate measurements on the fly.

Basically it has all the stuff we always forget and hate pausing our knitting to search for. You may want several for multiple project bags!

If you're picky about the tin design, let us know which number you'd like when you add it to your cart. If you don't, we'll just surprise you. Tins are also available separately for purchase if you'd like to create your own personalized survival kit. TIN #10 IS OUT OF STOCK.

Each tin is about 3.5" long, 1.5" wide and .75" tall

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